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The sun flew down hissing into my rainbarrel
Waiting there for love to splay roard signs
Krishna, Vishnu and the rest of the guys
That drove their jeweled cars through Heaven
On cloudbanks dripping with scented eyeballs.
======Bill the Writing Cowboy
4/26/96 8:43 AM

Hey, man

4/26/96 9:00 PM

So it's real at last.... XOX

4/27/96 6:37 PM

I suppose I have to experiment with this....

4/28/96 1:55 PM

This is the first virtual art gallery I've been to so I don't have much to say yet

5/19/96 5:56 PM

Reverse Solidus

6/9/96 4:55 PM

No, I don't want to write anything!!!!

6/14/96 8:23 PM

Where are we? This isn't Thursday, is it? -- BD

6/14/96 8:27 PM

Hey, we really enjoyed the show and when we get back to Oshkosh we're going to tell our friends all about it.

6/21/96 2:53 PM

Ah jest loove awt!

7/19/96 3:56 AM

Hi! See you in the CAGE!
Rolf van Gelder

7/22/96 11:58 AM

Signed on to see my dad's artwork - it looks fabulous! The whole website is good - clear, well organized and the art looks really good. Eva

7/30/96 10:44 AM

Hullo, nice show. Please have a look at ArtNet Italia

7/30/96 10:46 AM

Better here, sorry!
ArtNet Italia

9/17/96 3:30 PM

Am curious about how you chose the site name. Glad to see Etaoin -- once among the two most often published names -- is still getting some notice. (Are you left-handed? No? Then where is Shrdlu?) Nice site. Have bookmarked; will return. ThomK COMUNIX/COMUNIC@ ============================================ The one who gives the most joys wins.

9/25/96 9:15 PM

See YOU in the Room, a Room without Walls

10/2/96 11:38 PM

Hi there, just visiting your sides and think it's 'wunderbar'. We added a link from our page, so our visiters can see your page, too. Please check this out (Art-Page 3) unter Thank you and many greetings from germany. Michael Wagner PS: What do you think about our sides? We would appreciate if you would add our URL also to your link-side: Our URL: title: Michael Wagners Art Gallery description: Art Gallery shows high quality german art-work from modern to classic, from repros of masterpieces to unikats and much more.

10/7/96 7:58 PM

Melanie--We just got your postcard today and are going (virtually) now to see your work...our email address is Are you coming to Al's party this weekend? Carl and Char

10/8/96 12:02 AM

Where is the CV and exhibition list for Robert Sievert?

--- The material we have is a bit out of date. I'm hoping to get more up-to-date stuff in the near future.

This material has been added to the site.

1/15/97 8:55 PM


1/21/97 7:21 PM

Hi` It was an interesting tour to your site. I`m looking forward to see more diverse arts on your site.Good luck. Babak from Montreal.

1/23/97 7:20 PM


2/25/97 2:05 PM

I just love to sign guestbooks.
The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project: continuous hypermodern imagery.

3/9/97 8:36 PM


3/15/97 10:25 PM

Michael Tidwell - Illustration and Animation

3/28/97 6:52 PM

xox xox oxo xox

3/28/97 6:53 PM

xox xox oxo xox xox xox oxo xox oxo oxo xox oxo xox xox xox oxo!

4/4/97 10:03 PM

Like Xox has something on his
mind there....

6/18/97 4:03 PM

6/27/97 3:07 PM

Hello, I am a stone sculptor and am now interested in finding a virtual gallery. I would appreciate your contacting me with requirements and any other information about what you do. Am particularly interest in whether or not you have been successful in generating sales. Thank you for any info you can send. lilah email

9/22/97 8:57 PM

This is my first visit to the Virtual Gallery, I ejoyed it and will look forward to visiting other sites!

1/2/98 12:57 AM

thanks. Enjoyed.

1/4/98 1:42 PM


1/7/98 5:16 PM

Franko -- llámame cuandoquiera -- jxr

1/7/98 10:16 PM


2/5/98 4:58 PM

Gordon -- This is the second time I am visiting the sight. I absolutely love it!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! You truly have a gift, there. I will refer everyone I know interested in art to visit it. Any Tech people I know, I will also refer to it. I am so impressed with it. Please continue to work it. I think it's a wonderful thing your doing here!! I'm glad I met you. Always nice to see there are still very creative people out there. Use that creativity to encourage others to use theirs. Motivation and inspiration, there is never enough to go around!! I am deffinitely feeling inspired! 8-) Truly, Mersada ~~

3/25/98 10:33 AM

Hey Gordon, The site looks great! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the galleries. Dave

3/30/98 12:07 AM

sh'bob 'n doobie-wa

sh'bob 'n doobie-wa

sh'bob 'n doobie-wa

yadda da dat'n da daaa....

4/10/98 2:43 AM


4/29/98 4:35 PM

So, Górdon, estamos aquí....

7/8/98 0:41 AM American art unrealistic creatively aggressive

8/14/98 10:02 PM

I truly like that little element "Unknown Artists." I went there with a biased assumption that I take with that term and found "Progression" and was quite intrigued. When will you be adding more to that secion? Susan Ritter. Art as catalyst for social change.

(Now at

8/21/98 12:30 AM

What a great site! Thanks for letting me know about it, Helen. Love your work. BD in LA.

10/29/98 8:24 PM

I don't have much to say, but I thought it's pretty cool PF from St. Paul,MN.

12/12/98 11:22 AM

Dear Sievert, We enjoyed your paintings very much. Thanks for the website info. Ginny & Jim Lupo

12/17/98 2:48 PM

Down by the old mill stream
I dreamed a most curious dream:
I saw an egg beg
For just half of a leg
And I screamed "You must dream!" in my dream!

-- Oddmanout

12/30/98 2:42 PM

Hello Gordon! I finally got it on my machine. It's dazzling!Melanie

1/16/99 8:22 PM

gordon, from cobb mountain your site soothes my eyes, what a treat to to finally get an opportunity to view what you have created. It exceeded my expectations. I shall be turning others on to your site. sending you special symbols of attention....anna 8:)4uImhapie

1/24/99 11:38 AM

Nice work--simple and does what it's supposed to. But what happened to SHRDLU? dave poleshuck

-- Attained Nirvana, according to the story.

2/19/99 0:22 AM

Excellent opportunity to see the body of work of the artists. I really enjoyed it. Was originally passing thru, then found myself drawn in, as tho I had found a wonderful Art Gallery down an unfamiliar side street. Thankyou mt

2/19/99 6:25 PM

Lying around looking at the filthy river, wishing for love -- G. bugged me to look at this stuff -- I lost myself in the images --- if you find me, send me along -- meanwhile --

3/13/99 9:43 PM

???? !!!! ?? ....

3/13/99 9:45 PM

where is the page for interested purchasers to view price,freighting etc?

Some of the artists have price quotations associated with the images in the catalog (for example, Melanie Hickerson). Most do not -- you need to contact the artist, either through the site, or directly.

3/26/99 9:44 AM

I always enjoy the visit... Sue

7/3/99 6:51 PM

Hello, my name is also Etaoin. Will you be my friend? love, Etaoin

Like Lyle Lovett, we love everybody,
especially yoooooouuuu....

7/3/99 6:52 PM

Hello, my name is also Etaoin. Will you be my friend? love, Etaoin

Still! After all these microseconds!!

8/18/99 6:04 PM

Chto eto?

Esli tebe nuzhno prositj, nekagda ne budeshj znatj.

9/19/99 9:35 AM

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10/5/99 12:32 AM

10/4/99 whats up creator of the room like your art thanks bye Sincerly, Drew s

12/28/99 10:11 AM

hi,,nice works ..take alook here

visit my gallery

5/28/0 11:14 PM

How did Tidwell get in here? And I can't knock him off HotBot either....hmmm. :)

6/11/0 2:53 PM

cool site. keep up the good work

6/20/0 4:28 PM

Hey Sievert, I got the info on this site from my sister, Ginny Lupo. It was wonderful. I admire anyone who seriously dedicates their life to their art. Perhaps you can look at, which is currently featuring my mentor, the late Trish Evers. THANKS. Irene

9/8/0 0:26 AM

Ah, I just heard about this, I came here, I saw this was going on -- astounding. The dark margins, the waves beating on the shore, night coming on or is it morning? Where am I, anyway? -- Frank S.

9/8/0 0:35 AM

Xox never rests.

10/14/0 11:01 PM

Hey, thanks for telling me about this website. I truly enjoyed it! "KEEP THE FAITH" see you around

10/15/00 12:03 AM

10/15/00 12:08 AM

11/11/00 9:30 PM

at times when the heart is down art, which is beauty, brings joy! keep creating and penetrating the heart!

11/16/00 2:14 PM

As a long time typesetter in a now obsolete trade, I'm now spending my golden years playing with graphics and several thousand more typefaces than I ever had when working at the trade. As someone very curious about new processes I entered "" just to see if someone had used it for a site. What a surprise to find a virtual art gallery at a site named after the first line of keys on the left side of the keyboard. As a wannabe artist married to a lady that is an artist and writer I think your site is great, even though I don t understand the reason for naming it after a portion of the keyboard of a now obsolete machine. I too wondered what happened to shrdlu or slug . I think I now go see if someone else has created a web site named shrdlu or slug or even etaoinshrdlu Great site. Nick 30

The domain name stands for E(astern) T(echnology) A(ssociates) O(n) the IN(ternet) -- Eastern Technology Associates being the name of the corporation which owns the site. There are also and, which may belong to fans of the linotype. Etaoin Shrdlu is also the name of a great science fiction story of yesteryear.

The departure of the linotype, a machine with fire, molten metal, and alphabets in its heart, leaves the world a poorer place.

11/16/00 2:38 PM

I just checked out the following web sites. shrdlu , etaoinshrdlu and slug . What a waist of time. They are websites for each, but what a waist of time. Nick 30

1/8/01 10:09 AM

Happy new year to you all and greetings from Iceland, especially to Signe Baumane. Best regards, Sigga.

4/20/01 11:01 AM

Thank God SOMEBODY is doing the work you are. Thank you too, there is nothing so beautiful as nature and a woman's body is a natural work of art. You express it so stunningly... Jai Guru Dev; Yours Sincerely, "Sundari" from Australia.

5/24/01 5:06 AM

Nice Gallery !! Greetings from Spain, check out my artist Homepage at : Lawrence Gundabuka (

6/4/01 12:17 AM

6/6/01 7:20 AM

Dear Francis C., Had a great visit with you at Le Bar Bat. Nice show... The Politics of Racism. Got a better look at your painting on the web, moving. Hope to see a full show of your work on the web someday. Respectfully yours, MioG & K

7/17/01 8:33 PM

7/27/01 2:41 PM

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7/27/01 2:44 PM


8/30/01 8:31 PM


9/10/01 3:49 PM

Words that fall into sudden quiet
are at first the illusion
of the message
and then the tradewind of
their journey


10/3/01 8:20 PM

Just thought I'd stop by and see what's what -- and guess what, what _is_ what. Well. No surprise there, I guess! -- Ferret

12/4/01 9:40 PM

Down by the old mill stream
I reamed a most popular theme
I blasted away
For most of the day,
And now things are not what they seem!

12/5/01 8:59 PM

Akk frakk brakk kakk

12/5/01 9:03 PM

Let me knot to disparage of chew minds
Amok impediments; shlob is not shlob
Wig obbles wag id Aldermaston pines
Or begs within remarkable to mob.

12/30/01 9:20 PM    from


1/1/02 12:24 AM    from

The gauge transfer infinitive was effectively
reposted on the J-link within an hour. The gag jammer
in front of it which off-active Leary positroned to
deliquent had an ear. Then gay dreamers sin-finished
a wash, a fact of leery postal dons, DJ Lincoln with an
oar -- the gate ran for him, finished off, with a fact
of lyrical stays on the jail, an quoth a nerd.

(by email)

Having been to your site, I thought that maybe these
artists might be of interest to you.

Ed Trask

Jennifer Holloway

Thomas VanAuken

Tim Harriss

C.Maynard Bopst

Jason Andrews

If you are interested in any of these artists, please feel free
to contact me at (804) 355-2311 or by e-mail at

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Chris Bopst

9/30/02 10:43 PM    from

We are fans of Julian Akins Art.
We own many pieces. He is a prolific thinker and master of many media. His associated pathos and righteous indignation is felt.

Prairie Muhammad

10/1/02 6:01 PM    from

Hello -

I, too, am a fan of Julian Akins. His work moves me to emotions yet defined. A few years ago, in Chicago, I purchased several pieces from him at a showing. I have shared years of appreciation and gratitude ever since. He's a simplistic creator with a sense of arduous design. Julian's work will definitely mark the renaissance for artist in the 21st Century and beyond.

Kudos old friend,


10/17/2 9:39 PM

1/17/03 3:11 PM    from

Very old guest bool

1/27/03 2:51 PM    from

which order do the 4 typefaces go from?... earliest to latest.

and futura


5/15/03 8:10 PM    from

       x                 x
        x               x
         x             x
          x           x
           x         x
            x       x
             x     x
              x   x
               x x
               x x
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            x       x
           x         x
          x           x
         x             x
        x               x
       x                 x

1.  Two formations of geese colliding.

2.  Xex among the Xoxxians.

5/30/03 5:52 PM    from

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if you no what I mean
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6/19/3 3:48 PM

6/24/03 12:06 AM    from

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This is a test.
This is only a test.
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7/12/03 3:58 PM    from


the mark of the

Hi. Gordon I have visited your website and was very impressed with what I saw. Your works of are very impressive and your website is awsome. I like the drawings of the 90s and some of your paintings. I particular like the way your website is designed and the different catagories. My nephew have been bugging me to let him design a website for me so, I have given him a try. I however, will stay in touch with you and consult with you from time to time if you do not mind. Again I am very impressed. Keep up the good work. Henry. ps. the MidnightRavers are just putting up there website so in the near future I will link my personal site with theirs.

10/8/03 6:53 AM    from

Hey I was just browsing and found this site, its very cool. One of the reasons i noticed it, not only because I'm in to art but also that my name is Etaoin. Its a really unusal name. It's irish for butterfly. And there is an irish myth behind it.
Any ways the site is cool and i just thought you might like know another meaning for the word/name Etaoin.

P.S. I pronounce it ee-tan

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hey brothers....etaoin, you rock my world baby!

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etaoin....u never called me? why? what about our child?

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Miss Dee Meaner!

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1/20/06 7:55 PM    from

Hey, my name is Etaoin, and I've just discovered that it's something to do with typing and the most common letters in the English language. And I thought it was just an Irish name....

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A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!

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4/13/06 5:00 PM    from

Why I can not insert the image into my message?

Unfortunately, guestbooks are often spammed these days. So I've had to restrict the kinds of things which go into the book.

4/25/06 11:08 AM    from

Ehmm..m. Sehr gut Seite! Ich sage innig..!:)

4/25/06 5:19 PM    from

Dear Gordon,
Enjoyed visiting your site. You are indeed
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Sherri Rosen
Sherri Rosen Publicity LLC

7/5/06 6:50 AM    from

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Altarwise by owl-light in the halfway house
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Great site from the prince of Duckistan!

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I hate when poeple mess up a perfectly good guestbook by writeing 'MUGU MUGU' so from now on everyone that does that must stfu... nice site, sorry for morons... its not like saying mugu will keep the scammers off, im not worryed about tehm see

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A Prayer for Artie (6/24/34-5/31/07)-
"When I die
I will soar with angels,
And when I die to the angels,
What I shall become
You cannot imagine!"
13th Century

Love from me, and Namaste
Anne Beattie

1/28/07 10:25 PM    from

Artie's dates (6/24/34-5/31/06) - Correction.

I'm not ready to let him go,yet, but he lives in my life.


1/28/07 10:25 PM    from

Artie's dates (6/24/34-5/31/06) - Correction.

I'm not ready to let him go,yet, but he lives in my life.


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The painting is a rare union of the realistic vision of a piece of space, seen directly in all its accidents and richness of detail, with a powerful, probing, rigorous effort to adjust all that is seen in a coherent balanced structure with its own vitality and attraction. The whole looks intensely contrived and intensely natural. We pass often from the artifice of composed forms to the chaos of a crowded room, and from the latter we are soon brought back to the imposing order invented by the artist; the oscillation is permanent. No line is simply a device of design; it has always the quiver of existence in light and is a product of Cézanne's robust, sensitive touch. The straightest and most irregular lines are sensitive alike and are equally parts of the whole in its double aspect of image and painting-fabric. If the little feminine statuette softens the severity of the books, it is also in its axis and bent arm a counterpart of the rigidity of the man; the tulip in the blue vase is inclined with his arm and his delicately painted, living right hand recalls the distant books above."

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3/26/13 12:21 AM    from

this is really serious.

7/8/13 9:24 PM    from

Thanks for the good site


12/9/13 5:16 AM    from

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2/1/20 11:58 PM    from

Hi Gordon,

I hope you are well.

Ed Davin passed away. He was almost 84 and still very ...@...
So sad!

My recent paintings on my website ("paintings on paper" and
"on canvas" ...@...) were inspired by contemporary architecture;
the "arch-homage" series.

In 2019 two of my vintage paintings were chosen for the Art in Embassies program and sent to the far east (on loan).

Thank you for your website and best wishes for 2020!

Helen Levin

6/5/22 4:36 AM    from

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