Artist's Statement

My paintings, primarily in acrylic, consist of abstractions of imagery derived, through drawing, from photographs. This abstraction process includes elements of improvisation, meditation, gestural movement of the hand, and the discipline involved in developing compositional integrity . I love to communicate my love of color and spontaneity in my art. My collages evolve without photographic inspiration, and instead, in a more direct way through the inspiration of working with my own hand painted papers. I believe in the healing aspect of the aesthetic experience for both the viewer and myself as an artist.

I have been painting seriously since the late 1950s, first in the BFA program at Hunter College, then the MFA program in Columbia University's Program in the Arts. These programs involved intense studio work and art history, along with liberal arts. My teachers included William Baziotes, Gabor Peterdi, William Rubin, Nicholas Carone, and others.