Commentaries On Helen Levin's Work

Robert Sievert, Artist - Art Critic
ARTEZINE Issue # 13. (Online Art Magazine) 2006:
"Levin's show is excellent. She puts forth work that is inventive and varied....The work has exciting spatial content as one is moved back and forth through planes of color and light."

J. Sanders Eaton for GALLERY AND STUDIO. Nov.- Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006, p.12.:
"Six Artists Prove the Primacy of Gesture" "Levin employs areas of deep, rich color, accented with sinuously graceful linear elements whose cadences are characterized by a buoyancy and velocity that expresses the artist's life-affirming aesthetic mission."

Hedy O'Beil
Artist - Art Critic (formerly for ART NEWS):
"Whether on canvas or paper, process and intuition are at the heart of the abstract acrylic paintings by Helen Levin. To stay in the moment, to be willing to change and risk what is happening in the space, all the while keeping the whole in balance is an impressive feat. Levin accomplishes this with intelligence and knowledge of what pure painting is all about." (1999 - 2003) New York City

Deirdre Lawrence
Curator, Artists Books, BROOKLYN MUSEUM OF ART: (Comments about my artist's book "L'Etang Chimerique by Leo Ferre" The Imaginary Pond: construction, illustration, translation, 2004)
"This beautiful book offers a marriage of song and paintings. Your translation of the words in both text and images is well done. Your painting, "Sonora Reveille" matches the beauty of the words. In fact all the illustrations capture the soul of the music - well done! We are lucky to have this gem for the collection." (2004) Letter. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Howard Farber
"An exquisite visual sophistication lends and unusual sense of presence to a medium sized canvas by Helen Levin." ( review of group show, "The Artist as Teacher; the Teacher as Artist") May 1993, New York City

Michael Fressola
"Longtime Island painter, Helen Levin, who has a one woman show of abstract works at the Art Lab Gallery this month, seems to have no special agenda. She likes color - her paintings are often bright with saturated hues, varied and full of incident.....She seems happy to paint highly watchable and sophisticated collisions of appealing colors." (10 - 13 - 2000) Staten Island, N.Y. " Review: Art Lab Exhibits the Work of Helen Levin"

Eileen Watkins:
"Helen Levin contributes the acrylic 'Journey Sequence,' a triptych of colorful abstract landscapes with figurative silhouettes, recalling the style of Romare Bearden." (Review of group show I curated, "Women's Visions; Themes from Nature" called "Exhibit Belies Smug Assumptions about Women's Visions" 3 - 5 - 89) Newark, N.J.