Waiting on the Royal Food Line(Dsan)

Oil on canvas, 68" x 68", 1990

During the Ching Dynasty, the royal family provided everything for the people, including basic food supplies. In the dictionary "given by the royal king" translates into the Chinese word dsan which is understood to mean "waiting on line for food." The citizenry were used to receiving food from the big "Royal Pot" and to this day they expect to be provided for by their government.

Changing for the Better

Oil on canvas, 70" x 70", 1995

The old agricultural system gives way to the Free Market. Changing for the better... perhaps.

Who Has the Right of Way

Oil on canvas, 70" x 70", 1995

When two parties of the same Rank meet, who has the right of way? Just as in politics, there is no humility. As a result, the people are held back.