New -- Books (and, soon, other stuff) for Sale


Good Old Art for Sale

Many of the works in ETAOIN's gallery are for sale. This page describes the kinds of works which are available in general. In those cases where an artist has indicated a desire to make works of art available through ETAOIN, a bracketed question mark ("[?]") will appear in the catalog entry. (These are now being put in place; absence doesn't indicate unavailability.) This is a link to information about availability and price. Alternatively, you can contact the artist directly.

The following kinds of works are or will be available through ETAOIN:

  • Original works
    • paintings in various media
    • "artist's books"
    • sculpture
    • prints (silkscreens, lithographs, etchings, etc.)
    • photographs printed by the artist or under the control of the artist
  • Reproductions
    • photographic
    • high-quality computer printout
    • silkscreen (on paper, canvas, T-shirts, etc.) from other type of image
    • offset
    • conventional industrial lithography
    • new technology computer-driven one-off printing
(NOTE: The difference between a print and a reproduction is that the print is the final stage of the artmaking process handled directly by the artist and limited in number, whereas a reproduction is a picture or replication of the final stage, whether it's a painting, print, or other work. Obviously, there could be an indefinitely large number of reproductions, which may affect the value of the object. In some cases the artist offers to oversee the reproduction process, and may limit the number of reproductions, or number and sign the work, which may ensure its uniqueness and value.)

Most works of art bought through ETAOIN are guaranteed. That is, you may return them within a reasonable period of time for a full refund from ETAOIN (Eastern Technology Associates, Inc.) Details on request.

Framing is available. (Frames are not returnable.)

As noted, you may also deal with the artists directly. No artist presented here is under any contractual obligation to this gallery. Some of the works presented here may be viewed and/or bought at "real" galleries in the New York City area; see our "real" galleries listings on the None Of The Above page.